About Crystal Abu Sneneh

Crystal Abu sneineh it's a corporation Specializing in glass technology, our services include installation electronic glass door and cutting glass with the most advanced technology such as CNC cutting and printing on glass, Sandglass. Also, we have a large warehouse for glass accessories, and crystal Abu sneineh has many advanced machinery and robots. We were beginning our activity in 1970, and we used simple manual tools. Now crystal Abu sneineh is one of the modern companies work in the glass technology field in the West Bank and Israel region. Currently, we are working on medium and small projects, and we have an excellent team in glass installation and marketing with the customer care team. Also, we are sell used and new glass machinery. our mission Serving the local market and providing the highest quality and lowest price for customers our vision Competition in the global and Arab markets and strive to be at the forefront of companies in this area and to possess the highest technologies in this area

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